Your credit management made easy

iController improves your business


Create an automated flow using rules, linked actions and smart notifications. Automation tailored to your specific business needs created freedom to focus on what matters.

Save time

Decide how you want to address your customers about their outstanding invoices and save time. Flows can be configured individually for every client or customer type.

Develop insight

 Get a complete overview of outstanding actions and follow-up options for your team. Insights about due payments, reminders, warnings and incoming e-mails: all at your fingertips.

Your all-in-one, automated platform

Think your current flow is optimized? Think again!

The right credit management platform streamlines your controlling process and lets you generate results.

iController centralizes and automates your credit management process, generating a central overview of all outstanding receivables, centralized communications, reasons for non-payment as well as the payment history behaviour of your customers. This allows you to encourage the correct payment of outstanding invoices, all whilst safeguarding your customer relationships.

Key advantages:

  • Manage costs
  • Minimize risks
  • Eliminate set-up
  • Keep using your favourite tools
  • Pull detailed reports
  • Add the modules you need


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Support along your journey

We have you covered at all times. Get started within minutes and let us take care of any additional configuration needs. Your platform grows alongside you.

Good management of the working capital is essential for our fast growing organization. 

Thanks to iController, we have been able to seriously optimize the follow-up of our debtors. The time that we save for this is used to focus on the 'real' problem files but also the prevention of this by our close control.

Martin Nyssen
Director Finance & Administration
Vandelanotte Accountancy