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About iController

iController differentiates itself from others by truly meeting your credit-control requirements. We do this by using our innovative, user-friendly application - airtight and continually evolving together with customers’ needs.








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iController is the leading, fast-growing Belgian provider of the most ground-breaking credit management platform currently available.

Our credit management software and the corresponding services for credit managers and CFOs serve thousands of customers around the globe.

iController sets itself apart to truly deliver on your credit management enablement. How? An innovative, user-friendly application - foolproof and updated regularly.

Your international companion

Founded in 2007 in Belgium, iController quickly grew into an international player in the field of credit management software.

  • Active in 37 countries
  • Available in 7 languages (in expansion)
  • Send correspondence in your local language
  • Supports multiple currencies

Efficient credit management

iController allows you to actively manage outstanding debts and automate all required follow-up actions in a user-friendly application which is compatible with your existing software.

Using the iController invoicing and credit management software, customers can correctly and actively manage all outstanding debts and automate the required follow-up actions.

  • Up to 50% faster invoicing and credit management
  • Up to 25% reduction of outstanding debts
  • User-friendly application


Time To Value

iController is easy to set up, integrates with technology you already use and starts delivering value faster than any other provider.

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with your existing software
  • Start getting results quickly

Powered BY AI

iController collects data on your interactions to fuel AI-powered, recommendations on Credit Risk, Payment Behaviour, next steps to proceed based on the user and client behaviour.

  • Determine next steps based on user and client behaviour
  • Recommendations to improve Credit Risk or Payment Behaviour through AI

Customisation to your company's situation

We offer a tailor-made and scalable solution according to the specific needs of your business. Both small and large companies can count on iController to automise their credit management.  

iController connects with most of the common ERP solutions such as Oracle, Navision, Exact Online, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

  • Tailor-made approach for smaller and larger companies
  • API connection with most ERP systems

Training for all users

If you need a training to improve your skills in iController or you need an expert or consultant who can help you get started with iController, we are happy to let you work with our people in the way that suits you the best.

  • Targeted training
  • Experts on call
  • Consultancy before implementation

Ready for action?

Our strong, devoted team delivers daily customer service, local support, R&D and training.

Are you in need of or searching for a more efficient, more effective, transparent
and less time consuming credit management?