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Everyone knows the Kinepolis star logo. It is the largest cinema chain in Belgium and with more than 110 branches worldwide, the chain also plays an important role globally. But the daily film screenings are only part of its business plan. The chain also organises events, rents commercial space, offers screen advertising, sells vouchers and organises exchange deals. All this results in a large number of outstanding invoices.
Ghent, 4 June 2020 – iController is the first to integrate ‘On Demand Financing’ into its software. It is a development of KBC to pre-finance invoices in a flexible way. Innovative On Demand Financing enables a company to sell an outstanding invoice to an intermediary known as a ‘factor’,...
Samenwerking met KBC
Last month, we started our collaboration with KBC. From now on, KBC will introduce the iController software to customers who want to optimize their credit management. Our common vision is that the future of credit management lies in automation. We hope to propagate and represent this vision...
Dunning is the process of repeatedly communicating with customers to make sure that accounts receivable are collected. It usually refers to making insistent demands for payments towards those who have fallen behind on paying their bills.