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Can I decide on the follow-up actions to be taken by the platform?

You have full control over all communication with your clients. The iController platform can handle both automated and manual flows and procedures. If you'd prefer your debtors not to receive automated payment reminders, you can simply transfer them to a manual follow-up flow, which gives you the choice to send out the reminders you want.

What happens if a payment is recorded onto our accounting software?

If a payment is registered as completed in your accounting software, iController will archive the payment file at the next import. This means that the document will no longer show up in the actions queue, whilst it remains available under the 'archive' tab in the client sheet.

Can I check a debtor's reply directly through the iController platform?

As soon as a debtor replies to your iController-initiated reminder or other form of communication, their answer will be recorded through the integrated e-mail inbox. The iController platform allows you to assign and archive e-mails to specific debtors. This way, your team can easily browse through the entire communications history with each and every client.